Super Freak(ender)

I cut out and prepped not one, but two Amy Butler Weekender bags back in May.  After I finished the first one for Jessica at remnants:fiber[culture]  I needed a break.  I also needed to figure out a strategy for working with the gold lame I bought from Fabricker.  If you look at that stuff wrong, the edges start to fray.

In addition to the gold magnetic snaps and purse feet I bought, I scavenged a belt to use for toggles and rings.  I had hoped that a gold zipper would materialize somewhere in my travels, but no such luck. I went with a black separating zipper instead.   I added zebra piping (I used ribbon to make it), black vinyl details, and black and gold metal zippers to make the black zipper fit in.

So, how did I sew this thing? (other than very carefully).  In addition to the tips from before…

  • I interfaced ALL the lame.  It was heavier weight than the stuff you usually see in stores, but it’s still squirrely.  I was a little scared that I would melt it with the iron, but the test proved successful.
  • I used a roller foot on the vinyl. I also reinforced the area around the gold rings with twill tape to save the vinyl from wear.
  • I put the Peltex® #70 by Pellon® on the main panels when I stitched the handles on.
  • I added MORE pockets.  I added 2 zippers on the front pocket panel and a hidden zipper behind the piping on the back pocket panel.  There is also a shorter pocket attached to the side pocket.
  • I serged about a quarter inch off the lining before I sewed it together.  It was fraying like mad after I cut it.  I wasn’t sure about this print with the lame at first, but it’s starting to grow on me.

The good news is that this bag took less time to construct.  I stretched the project over two days.  Here’s the slideshow…


This bag is pretty wild.  I plan on bringing in to Market in October, but this bag really needs a trip to Vegas or New Orleans.