Fine Home Furnishings

Fine Home Furnishings

I love a good Craiglist deal.  Yes, these came from Craigslist.  They didn’t start out looking this good. They retail at IKEA for $199 each. I took a chance on the ugly ones that someone was selling on Craigslist for $35 each.  The price was good and the hydraulic lifts still worked.

I brought them home and proceeded to rid them of  the ugly cover (I don’t want to explain what a hack upholstery job was done on these chairs, just know that it was bad), clean them, spray them with a ton of vinegar (to rid them of a pet smell), then I left them on the porch for a week.


Step 2: Fashion a new cover.  I used an old sheer curtain to mock up a new a new cover.  Once I had something that came close to fitting, I made a pattern and cut the real cover out of denim


The cover is mostly machine-stitched.  I had to do some handwork at the bottom front and then I stapled the fabric at the base of the chair.


I decided to forge ahead with the covering of fugly things.  My lease says that I am not allowed to alter the ugly blinds in my apartment, but I am unwilling to stare at them every day.  I combed the internet for solutions on how to cover them without making holes in the wall.  Then I remembered that the ugly track is made of metal.  Problem solved!  I hung up sheers using round craft magnets.  Then I carefully removed the ugly vinyl topper and covered it with fabric.