My Little House on the Prairie Life

Yep, that’s what my mom calls it. In an effort to remove waste and chemicals from my life, I try to buy local, with less packaging, buy in bulk, and make most of my own stuff.

People have asked how to get started on this. Well, the first step is to make better choices. For tips, I created a page for Life Hacks and Eco Tips. I will try and post there periodically.

Making better choices? Well for me it started with replacing things. All things. Out of toothpaste? Buy the more eco friendly toothpaste. Then that evolved to, can I make my own toothpaste. Since 2014 that’s evolved to more thrifting than making things from new fabric, bread making, composting, joining a CSA, and using vinegar and Dr Bronners to cleaning everything.

Not everyone has time to make all there stuff. Just do a better job of 1) maintaining what you have, 2) sourcing new, and 3) disposal (note that disposal should rarely mean a trip to the landfill).