Who wears short shorts?

The sample-a-thon continues.   I just finished the Iris by Colette in denim and I am one invisible zipper shy of finishing a pair in white linen (with a lining) for remnants:fiber[culture] .  I have to admit, the photo on the cover persuaded me to make these shorts.   If I had any hint that these were more like “mom” shorts, I probably would have stuck with my old stand by short pattern (Simplicity 7196).

I cut the 12 based on the finished measurements, but I could have gone smaller.  I ended up taking  almost 2 inches off the side seams (this also made them less “mom”-like).  Ideally, they should have been taken in at both the front and side seam, but I was not unpicking the pockets.

Construction goes pretty quick on these.  I decided to skip the dart in the back because it appears to be purely decorative.  It’s barely 1/4 inch.   I liked that the instructions tell you when to finish the seams. Most patterns leave you to guess and inevitably you get to a point where you have to go back with pinking shears because it’s too late to serge the edges.

If I make these again, I will probably add back pockets and make the opening for the front pockets deeper (I can put my phone in there, but it’s hard to get my hand in there).


Here’s the photo.  I had to resort to MySpace era selfies.  I really need a tween intern so I could get some tips on how to take these.