Tequila Sunrise

I am wrapping up the last of the samples for the Shop Hop at remnants:fiber[culture] this weekend.  Ombres showed up in the store last week and I was itching to make a garment out of them.  Jessica wanted a sample of the Proper Attire Skirt by Anna Maria Horner, so I convinced her that we should do it in ombre.

Matching prints is difficult, but it can be done. The key is to make sure you have enough fabric to match the prints.  The ombre is mirrored on the fold line of this bolt.  I chose to open the fabric out and fold the fabric so the stripes would be horizontal.  Then I pinned the the front skirt panel on the fabric fold.  From there I used the notches on the side to mark where the deep orange band was on both pattern pieces.  The color grading is more subtle up close so I decided to pick the boldest color as my guide for lining up the pieces.  I also made sure that the pocket panel ended up in the right color by lining up the dots on the skirt with the dot on the pattern piece.

Skirt construction was pretty simple. I followed the instructions until I got to Step 9.  It didn’t make sense to sew the interfaced piece on to the pocket lining and then cut off the top part of the pocket.  Why not just add interfacing to the top part of the pocket lining and move on with life?  So I did. The back has an invisible zipper I had one in my stash that matched perfectly.

The skirt turned out really well. With the fruit on top it reminds me of a tequila sunrise.

Tequila Sunrise

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