Black History Month

Black History Month

As you recall, I don’t sketch, but over the years, I have gotten pretty handy with computers and photoshop.  I have a Pinterest board full of afro pictures, and I have wanted translate this one into something for my room.  Why not kick of Black History Month with an afro inspired art project?

Aura -Melissa Dian Chapman

Step one: Translate the image.  The background fabric I had was 36×45″.  I dragged the image into photo shop and printed out a few sections.

Step two: Cut out the fabric. I found a wool sweater at the thrift store for $2. I had to piece it but I made it work.

Step 3: Hand stitch the sweater to the cotton batik.  Once all the pins were out, I took the edge of the scissors and picked out the edges of the sweater to add texture.