Want to learn how to sew?

Clothing Hospital is hosting clinics!

Thanks to Fabricker, I am back in business.  I will be teaching classes when the shop is closed ( Not to worry, fabric will still be available for purchase by students).

So, what are these clinics?

Clothing Hospital Clinics were developed for the person who wants to develop/improve upon their sewing skills but doesn’t have time to commit to a multi-week class. Classes are small and will take place over the course of one weekend. Day one will be devoted to learning new skills. Day two will involve putting them to use.  In addition to full weekend courses, there will be rounds offered at each level. Rounds are one day projects that will allow you apply what you learned in previous classes in addition to picking up new skills along the way.

You can view the Class Descriptions and Schedule on the Classes page.  For now, I have developed a few beginner and intermediate classes.  If you would like me to offer a class on a specific topic/project let me know.  If I can’t teach it I will point you in the direction of someone who will.

Class Descriptions

Important!! Before enrolling in a class, please make sure you read our Cancellation Policy thoroughly, and make certain that you meet the required prerequisites (if any) for the class that you are enrolling in. Thanks.

Beginner Sewing Clinic

(Two Day Class- 6hr)

Did you buy a sewing machine with the intentions that you would mend and hem your clothing? You might make some things around the house? You might make your own clothes? Over the course of a weekend we will un-box that machine and start with the basics. This month we will make a sewing machine cover using the plastic one your machine came with or a downloadable pattern.


Download full class description and materials list

Upcoming Dates for this Class

Zipper Clinic

(One Day Class-4hr)

Stuck on zippers? Learn how to put them into a garment along with a few tips on replacing them when they break. We will make samples for you to take home in addition to giving students assistance on projects or mending brought in from home.

Download full class description and materials list

Upcoming Dates for this Class

Beginner/Intermediate Rounds

(One Day Class-4hr)

So, you have taken a sewing class or two and you want a little help making a project from a pattern. This time will be using Kwik Sew 3028 for Sweatshirts or Lounge Pants.

Sweatshirts – Download full class description and materials list

Upcoming Dates for this Class

Lounge Pants – Download full class description and materials list

Upcoming Dates for this Class


Class Schedule



Cancellation Policy

Class fees are non-refundable. Please check your calendar carefully before committing to a class enrollment. We appreciate as much notice as possible for cancellations. Cancellations must be made no later than 3 business days BEFORE the date of your class, in order to maintain a class credit. Failure to do so means forfeiture of your class fee. If arrangements are made before the deadline, students may transfer fees, as a credit, to another class (subject to availability). There are no make-up classes for any classes missed. If you miss one class in a series you may not be able to continue with the series without first scheduling a private lesson ($30 per hour) to get caught up. Please keep in mind that Private Lessons are not always available.

We know that’s a strict policy, but it helps us get wait-listers into cancelled spots in a timely fashion. We’re happy to discuss your dilemma on a case to case basis.

In the unlikely event that class is canceled, you can either opt to keep a credit for a future class with us, or choose to receive a full refund.