Life’s a Party!

For those of you who know me, you know that I often whip up some themed outfit to wear for an event, wear it once, and pass it on.  Well, this outfit was worn TWO times. Gatsby party in January and then Vintage Vivant a week ago.

Most of the materials were sourced from the lingerie aisle at Savers and my closet and I spent $20 max on this.

The Dress: constructed from two slips, ~$3 each.  I used a solid black slip made out of polyester that feels like sandwashed silk for the base (When making reproductions I try to mimic the look and feel of the original garment).  Then I took a printed rayon slip that looked like burn-out, and cut it to add a flounce to the bottom,and appliqued what seemed like a million flowers all over the slip.



Life's a Party The Jacket: Constructed from a robe I bought at Savers ~$3 and some fringe I took off a poorly constructed shawl that I acquired (Note: fringe is not cheap.  It’s worth the time to pull it off of another garment).  Somehow I didn’t have a tie for the robe so I made one out of blanket binding and more fringe (Note: Blanket binding is cheaper than ribbon).



Turban Cloche The Turban: Constructed from some “satin” pajama bottoms ~1.70.  Because time is money, I decided it was worth my time to make a hat to avoid the hours spent on fingerwaves.  My internet search brought me to The Rantings of a Mad Hatter’s post Making a 1920′s turban from the book “Manuel de Modes Sunlight” Between her thorough account of making the turban and my vague memories of French in college, I was able to finish the project in a few hour.


The Purse: I had just enough scraps to make a fringed flapper purse.



Visit“  flickr for the rest of the photos.