Rain Cape

Last weekend I finally finished the cape that has been cut out since the Summer.  I had been putting it off because it was too hot to even think of wearing a jacket and I have a cape that I made last year that hasn’t been worn yet. Periodically I was reminded about this unfinished project.  Refinery29 keeps posting pictures of awesome capes.  A month ago, M posted a picture of this cape on my FB wall and told me I should be Super Jen for Fun^3 Fest.  I decided to pass, but this guy went for it.

I had purchased the fabric years ago thinking that I was going to make a rain coat.  I picked out a Vogue trench coat pattern and never got around to cutting it out. “ “  The outer is a poly blend.  The lining is wool.  I used McCall’s pattern M6209.  The pattern didn’t call for a lining, but is wasn’t hard to add one in.  I ran out of wool, so the scarf is only lined around the neck of the cape.  I am still debating if I want to add slits for a belt. I am also looking for a nice clasp to put at the neck.

All I need to complete the look is a nice felted wool hat and some brown boots.

Rain Cape Rain cape with wool houndstooth lining