Winter Coat?

So I have decided that I want a wool capelet. This is a little ridiculous because I live in Texas and will probably wear it twice.  They were all over the fashion week runway and I really dig this one from Michael Kors. “ “  I have a charcoal colored wool circle skirt that I will use for the main body of the cape (I only have enough for the short one).  I will probably use McCalls 5764 as a guide. I am going to use a felted charcoal cashmere sweater as the facing and collar.  I am leaning towards this one from Nordstroms. The lining is still up in the air.

Nordstrom wool cape

I am also planning on making an actual coat.  The short version of this Vogue Jacket (view E). I have some herringbone fabric (it’s grey, black, white and red) that I’ve had for a few years with the idea of making a coat. I also have black chenille to use for the collar and cuffs.