Project Runway

Last week I ended up watching Project Runway with some design buddies of mine. It was a totally different experience watching the show with other people who can actually make this stuff. I am not sure how the show is going to go. Based on last week’s vote I am convinced that the show’s producers are trying to keep ratings up.

Before I left I was given a design challenge. The almost-a-line skirt, with front and back darts, and back zipper. I made the skirt out of some darkwash denim I had laying around. I took the challenge a little further by adding porkchop pockets, belt loops, red topstitching and a belt (I was a bit of an overachiever because I made a camisole out of some rayon I had in the house when I finished the skirt). I think I used 2 different patterns to get all the parts I wanted. I may do some embroidery on the skirt next week when I am trapped in east Texas.
You can check out the results on my Flickr page. Disregard my not-so-pretty dressmaker’s dummy. I really need to get something a little less rickety.