It’s all about the architecture.

So I finally caved in and went bra shopping. One of my least favorite activities because a) I can never find something that fits right and b) I refuse to spend more than $10 on something that will inevitably get destroyed in the wash.

My old bra source was Target. I didn’t really feel like waiting until a sale day and the word on the street has been “don’t shop there because of x, y, and z”, so I braved Ross. The problem with Ross is the fact that the store looks like a tornado hit it. Nothing is on the rack where it is supposed to be. The other problem is finding more that one of the style that you need. This was my problem for the day. I tried on 8 bras. 1 fit perfectly and it was $6.00. I scavenged around the store for another one and checked out another Ross and had no luck (unless I wanted white). I tried the internet and located 4 on ebay. That would be the other problem with Ross. They sell seconds and discontinued items so chances of locating them elsewhere is slim to none.

So what is it that was so great about this bra that I had to seek it out on ebay?

  • The sides are wide. If the sides aren’t wide enough there is a chance that you get that unsightly roll above the elastic.
  • The cups are lined, seamless (why buy seamed bras when you can get seamless?), and not padded. I wear a lot of tight shirts. The world does not need to know when I am aroused nor am I into false advertisement for everyday wear.
  • The cut is just right. I have a wide rib cage and usually the bra cups are not spaced far enough apart.
  • Demi cup- Bras are much cuter that way. Besides it’s not like I have that much to contain.
  • Narrow straps- I can’t stand the chunky strap/tank-top combo.
  • Recently we had to educate a boy in this whole architecture thing. He asked his woman if she was wearing a bra with a strapless shirt. She said, “You’ve seen me naked, right? My boobs point outward.” It’s all about the architecture.