Muffin Top – surviving in a carb free world

In an era of low-rise everything, you are bound to fall victim to muffin top. Why is that? most pants are still cut so that they taper in towards the waist band. This would be perfectly fine if the pants were remotely close to your waist but that is not possible when the zipper is only 3 inches long.

I make my own pants so it’s not a problem for me. With new patterns I usually start with the larger size and take them in where I need to. I don’t taper the waistband of my pants because I like them to sit low and I am not a curvy person.

There isn’t much of a solution for the muffin top causing pants. If you are handy you could try letting them out. It seems like the fashion world’s solution is to pair the low-rise pants with longer tops. This rarely helps. If the shirt isn’t cut right is just rides up to the muffin top explosion area.


Maybe a short time solution should be the return of the underware on the outside trend. Bring back the waist cincher. Market it as a wide belt.

waist cincher

If you really wanted a cool way to cover up the overspill get one of these…

wrestling belt