My excuse? You can’t sew and type at the same time.

I know, that is up there with the “dog ate my homework” excuse.  Maybe it’s because the computer isn’t in the sewing room that much.

Jen’s Jeans is back on for July 11th at FirstSamples. It’s hard to think of making jeans in 100 degree weather. Maybe some shorts or pedal pushers.

Since I last checked in, I made myself a laptop case.

laptop case

I don’t have a laptop bag but I have plenty of messenger bags. I just needed something to add a little padding to protect my dinosaur of a laptop. The fabric is a little crazy. It reminds me of Madame Mim in the “Sword and the Stone”.

I am working on some Amy Butler sundresses. Mom-ily sent me an email and said that she bought a pattern and fabric and wondered if I would make it up for her. In exchange she would pay me and let me keep the pattern.

amanda butler pattern

Since she bought a limited amount of fabric I decided to make my dress first. The dress went pretty quick. I modified the lining pieces. It’s too hot in Texas for a fully lined sundress. If you were to line the dress you could make it reversible. I will post pictures after I put the buttons on.