Who wears short shorts?

Photo by Steve HopsonThe girl with the shortest shorts will definitely get the most attention. Short skirts do the same. Unfortunately minimal coverage doesn’t guarantee maximum exposure in the real world. It’s been the opposite. The Austin Fashion Scene has once again been stuck with minimal coverage by the media (and the bloggers). I was looking around to see if/how the latest fashion events had been covered and there wasn’t much to be found.

In March, the fancy-pants shopping experience center,The Domain, opened it’s doors and hosted a fashion show by UT students. Not only that, but they had a special guest from the last season of Project Runway (Michael Knight).

On Friday, UT’s fashion school hosted it’s spring show, “Evolution”. Once again, minimal coverage. The Statesman gave it a good preview but left us hanging without an actual review of the event.

I couldn’t attend either event. If I had I would have posted something here on my blog about it.

In the mean time you can check out the pretty pictures of the event on flickr.