Writer’s Block

I always have more than one project going at a time.  When I get “writer’s block”  I can drop the project and move on to something else.  I know some of you are waiting for me to finish my MJ mini quilt, but you will have to wait a little longer,  I am saving up coffee grounds to distress the fabric.

So, the dropped project was my web site. The back end needs to be looked at by a pro before I continue with the face lift.  I decided to tackle a stack of ties that my mom had been saving. I happened to find a nice bowtie quilt pattern online at twin fibers. Other than having to interface the ties before I cut them, the work went relatively quickly.  I decided to make this a recycled quilt so I ended up bin diving at Blue Hangar for the rest of my materials.  $29 got me 29 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, and 3 jackets [For those of you who haven’t gone bin diving before:wear comfy shoes, work gloves, and eat your wheaties before you go, it’s a long process if you are looking for something specific.].

Suit mountain

I ended up with 38 8-inch blocks.


I couldn’t find a pattern I liked online, so I decided to make my own double lattice pattern. Even if I did find a pattern, I probably wouldn’t have followed it, so it’s best that I just made my own.  I downloaded a copy of adobe illustrator [FYI.  Illustrator CS2 is available for FREE on the Adobe Website]


The yellow blocks are bowties, the purple is suits, the white is shirts. I added a second challenge of alternating the light and dark suiting throughout the quilt.


I will keep you posted on how the quilt progresses.  I will be a king-size quilt when I am finished.