Workin’ Day and Night

Lately life has been all about the hustle.  But on occasion I get a chance to work on a project just for me.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably noticed that I have been pinning album covers.  They are just one of the many things from my childhood that have made an indelible mark. I am starting with a mini quilt tribute to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall.  Ironically, the King of Pop is posed right in front of his childhood arch nemesis, BRICKS (Am I the only one that noticed that?).    Joe Jackson made the boys move bricks as a form of discipline growing up.

Today I began the foundation of what may be an epic quilting project.  I am new to quilting so  I set to laying bricks to work on technique.  I can sew a straight line , but I should really work on my ironing skills.