Tulle Much

This refashionista had a job ahead of her when she said she would make this dress wearable.


The fabric was a nice polished cotton (This was probably an expensive dress back in the day.)“  The tulle under the skirt and in the sleeves had to go.  Scratch that.  The tulle and the sleeves had to go.


Then yards of skirt had to go.  I could not envision a drop-waist maxi dress out of this fabric.  Maybe a flowing polyester, but not this.  I made the dress a more reasonable 34″ from shoulder to hem.  I made an extra deep hem so it would hang better.

Now for new sleeves.  I decided that the dress had enough structure so the sleeves were really there for decoration.  I went for a simple pleated strap that could be adjusted to wear on or off the shoulder.


Now this is a wearable dress.  It will be at Frock On Vintage for some lucky person to take home.