Hidden Dresses

I have fond memories of the Highlights Magazine Hidden Pictures puzzles. When I was out shopping with my friend Kris she said that my brain is just wired to find the hidden objects.  I see dresses inside dresses like some people can see dead people.

Exhibit A


Fugly cotton muumuu.  The fabric was nice and florals are in right now. What to do?

Stare at the photo for a minute.  If you look closely there is another dress dying to get out of that scary border print.

IMG_3129 IMG_3128

The sleeves were fairly easy to remove.  Finishing the edges was a challenge.  The key was using the existing structure as a facing around the armhole and adding some hem tape on the lower half (this fabric was nice and soft, but it was prone to shredding).

Another wearable garment.  It will be at Frock On Vintage for some lucky person to take home.