Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

This was my first time working with lace, but thanks to a pattern I had already tested, I got to wear this dress to Vintage Vivant last night.

Technically the dress is vintage.  I bought some lace curtains at Savers (Claire thinks that these came right out of the Fingerhut catalog.  I bought them thinking that they were deco enough to pass for 1920s) and a sheet for the“  lining.  The ribbon is new.  All together the dress cost under $10.

As usual, if something has gone extremely well, something else goes wrong. Shoes!“  Why can’t I find bone/ivory shoes.  It’s Easter.  I managed to find a pair online, only to return them for being too small.  I ended up buying paint to match the ribbon and calling it a day.

If anyone finds some nice 20s/30s shoes in size 11 please let me know.

The final accessory was my hat.  Another Saver’s find.  This one came in at $4.  $2 for the hat and $2 for the flowers (I ended up with 6 and only needed 3).  Once again I tested the strength of my Babylock sewing machine.  I decided the hat was the wrong style.  I wanted a cloche.  I ran a double row of zig-zag stiches 2 inches from the edge of the hat, then trimmed off the excess.  I ran an extra row of stitches over the edge.  Next I soaked the hat in water and Woolite and reshaped it as it dried.  I used the sewing machine to tack up the brim and hand stitched the flowers in.

Easter Hat