Gold Diggers!

Thanks to a tip from the management I knew a full month ahead of time that the theme for the March installment of Vintage Vivant was Gold Diggers.  It was time for short dresses dripping with bling.

For those of you that know me,“  you know I didn’t sequin that dress (I could, but you know I like to keep my materials costs low.) My dress started out as an Indian Kameez. I found it at Savers during the half price sale.  It was missing the pants and the scarf so I only paid $3.50 for it.

It was a quick fix once I took apart all the seams.  The sleeves had to go.  The dress was cut into a straight sheath.  The neckline is the original, but the back was cut into a “v”.  For some reason, the front hem had two inches of trim on it.  I relocated that to the back.  The back used to have some sequined appliques (and by some I mean three). Those were moved to a head piece.  Once all of that was done“  I reattached the lining so the inside seams were concealed (Who wants to be scratched by sequins?)

A few hours before the event, Wendy cruised by in need of an outfit.  Lucky for her, I had just gone to the Treasure City Thrift Quarter sale.  The top was too small for me, but for a quarter it was coming home.  The beading was practically flawless. Add a skirt and some heels and we were ready to go.

For this event I actually flat ironed my hair.  It’s been ages since I have worn my hair like that.  Mainly because it is time consuming. But everyone knows that this outfit needed a bob and a head piece. I will probably acquire a wig for future events.  I am not too keen on the smell of burning hair.
Vintage Vivant 022