I did it. 2 pairs of jeans in a weekend. Why is that so amazing? Because I actually documented a lot of it. Since I am teaching a class, I needed to think about the things that I normally just dash through and come up with an explaination. I also needed to see where the pattern guide was lacking.

The challenge (besides documentation) was to come up with a way to make a deeper fly front zipper. When I made my black pants one of my pet peeves what that you can see the zipper tab. Shauna pointed out this awesome video clip on the Taunton Press website.

Between the video and the instructions from Sandra Betzina’s Jean pattern for Vogue, I figured out a painless way to modify the McCall’s pattern I was using for class to get a deeper fly.

Deep Fly Front zipper

I hope to get some pictures up of the new jeans later this week.