Guerilla Fashion Show and Craft Bazaar

I promised my full post on Stitch. Here it is.

First of all it was a bit of a shock to walk inside the Austin Music Hall to be greated by Stitch and not the Christmas Music layden Armadillo Christmast Bazaar (I worked the ‘Dillo for a few years and I have no desire to be exposed to that again). This was the 4th year of Stitch (my first year to attend) and I don’t think that the Austin Craft Mafia girls plan on stopping anytime soon.

I went in to the event seeking inspiration. Money is kind of tight right now so I wasn’t allowed to buy anything. Inspiration was found. There was a little bit of everything. The deconstructed seams, the raw edges, the assymetrical hems, nature themes, nautical themes, knits, handcraft, jewelry. One thing missing was pants. Where are the people making pants?
Here are a few of my favorite things from Stitch.

1) I really want the scissors shirt from Identity Crisis. Karly gets points for incorporating the screen printed graphics into the form of the shirt.

Identity Crisis Clothing

2) Leila Bazzani Dress with the chevrons down the front.
Leila Bazzani

3) Zimka Olga Lebedeva’s wings. They are a little out there but I think that we will be seeing more structured garments.

Zimka Olga Lebedeva