Subversive Quilting?

The Cross-stitchers have gone rogue and broke free from being prim and proper.  Have you seen Subversive Cross-stitch?  I have a friend who makes Tidy Cloth – Hand Embroidered Cum Rags.  So, why is it that quilting hasn’t gone there?  It’s BEDDING!

I’ve been using the power of google to scour the internet for proof of adult bedding.  A search on “Adult Quilts” came up with nothing. A search on the iconic mudflap girl on a quilt yielded one image. I finally googled “Quilting Nudes” and found an artist named Nina Paley

She quilted this on a home sewing machine.

Nina Paley 4 Elements quilt series: Air/Nude

Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  I suppose I have some sewing to do if I want quilting to be less prim and proper.