Sewing after hours

Last night I stayed at the shop sewing until 10ish.  I was finishing up the epic restoration project (I promise there will be pictures soon).  It dawned on me that most people out there, myself included, are not early risers unless it involves a child, getting paid, or something amazing. While learning how to sew, or upping your game behind the machine is amazing, it’s not 9am amazing for many of you. So, I have decided to add a few evening classes.  For starters, Beginning Sewing will be held the weekend of September 15th (Sat/Sun) from 6-9pm.  I also plan on putting together some workshops and seminars on Saturday evenings.  The first topic deals with Textophobia – Fear of certain fabrics.  Specifically the sewing of silk and finer fabrics.


Keep an eye on the Classes page for new offerings.  If there is something that you would like me to teach, send me a message, I am always open to suggestions for new classes.