Free at Last

So, I am officially free of the government shackles that held me steady for the last 10 years. As of December 1st I am a free agent. So what does that mean? Infants and Hipsters is a reality. I watch Scout three days a week and I stitch at Frock on Vintage on Fridays and Saturdays. Most importantly, I have a weekend.

The last month of transitions was rough (the last 6 months of engineering this plan was rough). I think everything is in order. I have health insurance, a dba, a new bank account, and I applied for a sales tax permit. I managed to get it all done before Mercury went into Retrograde (I am not into astrology, but it is more than coincidental that something in my life goes wrong during this time).

What’s on Tap for December? I’ve already crossed off decorating for xmas. I need to convince Scout that napping is a good thing (she is opposed to sleeping in general). Getting my business stuff in order for filing taxes. Making a suit for M. Writing. Reading the stack of books on my nightstand. Researching bands for SXSW [BTW. They released the third round of artists.] Working with Savannahred on her plus sized clothing line.

I am only taking alterations through Frock On Vintage (unless you made a prior arrangement with me).  I have a ton of projects to catch up on.