Getting out there

After two long days stitching in a “fish bowl”“  I decided to take a break and seek out inspiration. “  Last night I hit up the Savannahred fashion show at RAW and today I hit up two of my old haunts (wearing my 5os repro sundress and vintage button earrings by Abigail Gorr).

I“  dropped off a repair job at Amelia’s and caught up with Jane.  Then I headed off to Cypress Vanguard for the Courtyard Sale and some much needed networking.

I spent some time chatting with April, owner of Fabricker, a new fabric store that is about to open town.  I told her that I was looking forward to the store front location.  I am currently grounded from buying fabric for myself (I must use what I have first).  However, I am allowed to purchase fabric for my clients.  April has had a few pop up events in town.  The next one will be the weekend of November 18th.

I roamed around the downstairs at Cypress on a mission.  Today I was going to buy myself a much deserved present.  The number of artists has doubled since my last visit.  It was a little overwhelming.  After catching up with Megan she send me outside to check out the sample sale.

SCORE!“  After trying on several rings, I ended up with a chiasolite ring from Teresa Basa Design and I found the other part of M’s birthday present at Elizabeth Crandal Jewelry.