Hooray for Boobies!

I was reminded that I needed to post the rest of my burlesque tale after the most recent episode of Project Runway where Olivier asks what double D’s are.  Seriously? I thought that all men, gay and straight knew what they the were.

I see a lot of boobs.  It’s part of the job description.  I’ve complained a few times about seeing TOO many or too much but, in reality they keep me in business.

Remember my post about my Great Depression burlesque outfit gig?“  The hardest part was underwear.  Yes, they had fancy lacy underthings back then.  Sadly, they did not have supportive lacy underthings.  Riley had way more boob than a traditional 30’s bra would support.  I decided the best route would be to fake it.

I started with a Body by Gap bra that I snagged for a quarter at Treasure City Thrift. Then I cut up a slip that I procured from a lingerie raid at Savers.  From there, I cut the slip to make a cover for the bra.  Then I took off the bra straps, the ones on the slip would work fine.  The last hurdle was figuring out a way to fasten it.  I needed something that would work but wouldn’t be too difficult to undo on stage.  I ended up keeping the existing bra hardware intact and making button holes in the cover for access.

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (before)

Slip that had a top that was cut like a 1930s bra

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (front)

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (front)

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (back)

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (back). Body by Gap bra on the inside.

1930s Reproduction Bra cover (hooks)

Buttonholes allow access to bra hardware.