Pretty in Pink

I figured I should give you the construction details before I hit the one year anniversary of LBD 2.

I started out with watching the movie and taking a look at the dress that Andie drew.
Andy's Dress
Then I drew my own version.  I already had some fabric in mind. A co-worker gave me some embroidered silk organza and my mom had passed on some heavy satin from some old lady’s fabric stash.
Jen vs. Andy

Next I hunted down a few patterns (why reinvent the wheel?)
McCalls 3225 for the halter, and Butterick 6057 for the over dress.

The construction went rather quickly, even though I don’t like sewing satins and sheer fabrics.

And now for construction vs. the judges results.

Judges: neck tie should be cut on bias for draping- in contrast to stiff over dress

me: The entire under dress, including the tie, was cut on the bias.

Judges: no back zipper, change to side for back continuity.

me: I thought about the back vs. side zipper.  The issue was the fabric.  There is less tension on the back zipper.  I knew that a side zipper would have led to the organza shredding.