Productivity has its price

In the last week I have destroyed a giant heap of sweaters (high end sweaters) to produce 9 hat/scarf sets. There are also a few unmatched hats and scarves. You might say that is awesome. But it’s not. The only reason that happened is because I am in a bad mood, and when that happens it is just best for me to be in my sewing cave away from all people (usually destroying things). I am not in some sort of crafter’s holiday rush right now. My hatred for retail (and bitchy customers) keeps me from selling my stuff in stores and the internet (BTW. If someone out there wants to be the go between for a minimal fee, preferably merch, let me know).

To the people who are concerned about my disappearance or perhaps the fact that I haven’t been answering my phone, stay tuned, you could end up with something nice and warm.

I suppose the plus side to spending a billion hours in front of the sewing machine is that it keeps me off the internet.