I said I wouldn’t but I did.

I bought another sewing machine.  I couldn’t help it.  FirstSamples was having the everything must go moving sale.  I was working that day and decided that I couldn’t spend more than the day’s wages.  There was a Babylock 1550 just sitting there on the table by itself 3 hours into the sale.  I decided to give it a home.  It wasn’t missing any critical parts (who needs the double needle spool pin?).

When I got it home I discovered that it is quiet and super fast.  It has replaced the Necchi as my favorite machine.  I am going to order the custom insert so it fits into my table.

The other thing I was on the fence about was fashion shows.  I don’t really consider myself a “designer”.  By anyways, I saw that they had but a call out for DIY designers on the Austinist.  They were looking for people to participate in the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show.  Each designer needs to create a collection of atleast 3 outfits made of refashioned clothes.  The show is in October so I need to get moving pretty quick.  I’d like to do 5-7 outfits.