This weekend has once again confirmed my lack of coordination. I tell you, I am like a baby giraffe or a muppet. Or maybe a muppet version of a baby giraffe.

Friday I was silkscreening some stuff with handmade screens and I was sitting at my drafting table on the rolling chair. I leaned to reach for a tissue to wipe up the paint and managed to fall out of the chair. I felt like the little old lady in the Lifealeart commercial.

Saturday I managed to injure myself once again. The flourescent light in the kitchen decided that it wanted to join it’s mate which had been taken down over a month ago. In removing the light box I managed to cut my finger and cut my foot on one of the clips that held the light in place. (will that force me to wear shoes in the house? Hell no!)

Sunday I decided to install my new mailbox. I managed to smash my thumb with the hammer (blood blister) and scrape my leg hauling off the old mailbox.

I hope the rule of 3s still applies. If it doesn’t, atleast my tetanus shot is still current.