12 ways to end the world

So, this time last year, Coco Coquette was  putting together a new show,  12 Ways to End the World.  I ended up signing on a wee bit late in the game.  I was in the middle of a massive restoration project (which ended up in a museum (more on that later, hopefully not a year later).

The event was a collaborative effort between designers, performers, makeup artists, and Alyson Garro (aka Coco Coquette) the wig master. Each group was assigned a song and a theme on how the world would end.

I had the pleasure of working on WAR.  The song was War Pigs, by Black Sabbath.  Joanna Wright and Bethany Berg were the performers.  Jen Rische was the make up artist.

…and now for the hitch.  My performers were acrobats.   Costumes are dangerous to these guys.  They require a certain amount of skin to skin contact. Extra care needs to be taken to make sure they don’t get stuck in something.

I spent a few hours trolling the internet for war/military inspiration.   I have 2 boards on pinterest http://pinterest.com/spinsta/war/   http://pinterest.com/spinsta/war-2nd-cut/ 

This was a non-paying gig so the next step was to cull through my costume stash and to make a few trips to Treasure City Thrifts free market for cammo, black and red garments.   While my colleges were off hot gluing to their hearts content,  I was stitching EVERYTHING to make sure I didn’t injure my artists, and to make sure none of the pieces fell off.


WAR! From Coco Coquette’s 12 “Ways to End the World” Makeup by Jen Rische. Photos by Devaki Knowles. Performed by Joanna Wright and Bethany Berg

I haven’t heard if there is video available for this segment of the show.  In the meantime, check out the slideshow