What do you charge?

I get a lot of questions related to what I charge for alterations and mending.  For starters, I charge by the hour and not the piece.  My rate is $30/hr. The prices that I have posted are based on projects done by previous clients.  For example,  I can hem a basic pair of jeans in 15 minutes and it will cost you $7.50 (plus sales tax).    Since I charge by the hour, if you give me several pairs of jeans, there is a chance you will pay less because I will work on them assembly line style.

I recently timed myself on blind hemming skirts for a client.  I can  hem 1 inch  by hand in about 30 seconds. A cotton dress with a hemline of 2 yards will take me about 36 minutes.  You pay around $18.00 (plus tax).

I am still working on the web site redesign so you will have to go to the .pdf for a list of prices.  Consults are free, stop by and we can discuss your project and I can give you a quote.  Phone/email estimates are available, but I can’t give you a true estimate without seeing/touching the garment.