A tragic end?

In late March the ladies of Vintage Vivant announced that due to various life happenings they would be going on hiatus from the monthly format.  How fitting to make the last event theme “Titanic”.  April was the 100th anniversary of the ship sinking.

Here’s a picture of myself and some of the other people that enjoy playing dress up


My outfit was a reproduction of this 1915 Beaded Blue Silk Satin & Black Lace dress from Past Perfect Vintage


The hairband, smock, belt, and purse were made from a skirt and blouse I acquired.  The skirt came to me from my mom.  The only purchases were a black blouse, a bracelet (which was turned into earrings and a ring), and a necklace.  In total I spent under $10.  I didn’t get a full shot of the outfit in the photobooth but I have been chatting with a few people about reshooting the garments I have made for Vintage Vivant over the last year.