I came, I saw, I networked

I posted this over at Climbinginskirts

Today I braved the heat and left my sewing cave (I was actually working on a few things for myself).  Why? Because my peeps at Cypress Vanguard were having a relaunch party“  in honor of all the new artists moving into the space.  I hang out at Cypress a few times a month to catch up with“  a few friends and window shop. This time I did a ton of networking, saw a great band called Sleep Talk, and managed to win the raffle.

For those of you who haven’t been to Cypress, it is a cooperative boutique.  Many of the artists use the space to create while they put in their time running the place.  One day when I quit my day job, I hope to work here.  In the meantime I plan on interning with Ms. Summerville (learning how to make lacy underthings), and convincing Anslee that she can make pants.

What was in that gift bag? (this was a serious pile of loot).  Hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out.

Merch from:


Gift Certificates and Discounts from:

On top of that there was swag.

Overall, it was a productive afternoon.  Thanks, gang.