Fine Home Furnishings – Sewing Room

Sorry for the lack of posts. There was a break in sewing due to 1) my house being on the market, 2) being between homes for a bit, and 3) moving to a new space.

But lucky for you, moving to a new space means new home dec projects. In my old space I had not one, but two sewing spaces. I have downsized to one small room but I made it work.


I made use of all my old stuff from the office and sewing room.  I found shelves on Craigslist (Ikea. Already assembled for more than half the price).  The cutting table folds up for easy storage.



The curtains are new.  Yenta donated the fabric for the curtains (There is a stain but good luck trying to find it.) and Mom sewed the for me (yes, I could have done that myself but I had other things to work on.)“ “  The Ottlite is also new (on sale at Tuesday Morning for $50)


Ignore the pile of stuff on the floor.  I think I need one more shelf to put the pattern bins on.


The walls are mostly window so I had to cram my grid storage in wherever I could.  There are a few behind the door along with the iron.


I am not photographing the interior of the closet.  It currently houses several Rubbermaid tubs of fabric along with half finished garments



The final touch was my new clock.  The sewing room seems to become the land that time forgot.  I made a stealth clock out of an old Craft Magazine article on the Blythe doll.