Steal this look- Asymetrical Dress

As I was choosing silhouettes for my Smoke House Dresses line, I always knew there would be a one-shouldered dress.  This one by Urban Renewal caught my eye as I was scanning the internet for inspiration.  During a last minute editing session I opted to skip the ruffle around the neckline.

photo by jordan perdue

How did I do it?

Two mu’umu’us, some elastic, and a bit of chain. “  I used a basic mini skirt pattern for the bottom and altered it so it would have pockets.  The top came from a juniors pattern.  I went ahead and lined it so I wouldn’t have to finish the neck and armhole.  I gathered the skirt to attach it to the top, then I added a casing at the waist for elastic.  In an effort to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, the chain was added the day of the show.  It used to be a belt.

The dress ended up as the opener in my collection, “Smoke House Dresses”, to hit the runway at the Treasure City Thrift Fashion Show.  After the show my Yenta decided to switch dresses with Brandy and wear it home.

Total $ spent= just my time.  Notions were found in house.