Steal this look – get inside my shorts

So, I wanted to include a pair of shorts in my collection for the Treasure City Fashion Show. After seeing these shorts by Laura Dawson (and a few others Stella McCartney, Roca Wear, JOIE,“  and Haute Hippie).



Spinsta Shorts













So how did I do it?

I took a pair of men’s trousers.  I had the model try them on to figure out how much they needed to be taken in (I used the seam in the back) for them to be worn high-waisted.  I measured the lenth for the shorts and the circumference of her thigh at that point.

I made the alteration to the waist (pretty easy since the waist band had a center back seam).  I cut off the pants and used one leg (cut perpendicular to the pinstripes) to make the bands for the bottoms of the legs.  I gathered the bottoms of the pant leg to match the desired circumference.  Then I attatched the bands.

At this point in time I debated calling it a day and letting the shorts hit the runway.  Then I saw a girl wearing some placket front shorts at the dress rehearsal. I measured her shorts before I left that day and went home to make it happen.

I used the pleats on the front of the pants to make a template for the placket.  I made sure that it was long enough to cover the fly-zipper.  I cut out the placket from the other leg of the pants.  I could have used the same fabric as a backing but I decided to use somthine sturdier to avoid using interfacing.  I stitched the pieces right side together then I turned the placket right side out and topstitched.  I marked the placket for button holes and sewed them by machine.  I marked the shorts for the buttons and sewed them on by hand.

Spinsta shorts

Total $ spent= just my time.  Notions were found in house.