Kimono Sleeves

I am on an Asian kick right now. I had planned to add an Asian element to my designs for the fashion show, after seeing Project Runway and the Japanese block print exhibit at the Blanton, I am READY.

Who wouldn’t find inspiration in this stuff?

The Courtesan Wakaume of the Tama-ya Brothel House in Edo- chö itchöme with Attendents Mumeno and Iroka
Artist: Kitagawa Utamaro

I want Kimonos.  Specifically the sleeves.  The bigger, the better. “  Besides, the sleeves are pretty simple.  Most are attached to the front and back pieces of the top.  Very few are the standard “set-in” style of sleeve.

I made myself a shirt today.  Simplicity 4020 view D. I cut the sleeves in between the short and long length.  My second attempt at this pattern will be a black knit mini dress with super long sleeves and maybe some fancy trim.

Simplicity 4020