Le trainwreckI was reading Austinist when I saw this pop up in the sidebar.Excuse me? As much as I didn’t want to look I had to it was like a TRAIN WRECK.

I was forced to interrupt an email conversation in the latest trends in jeans (boyfriend’s back) to talk about this thing.

Claire thinks that, “some clever hipster stumbled across an unopened, booklet that included, “miracle dress you can wear 150 different ways” from 1979 and thought ‘why not bring it back’.”

The dress is flawed. AA is selling you a 2 panel dress with a giant drawstring claiming you will have endless options. Endless if you have a bra and Spanx on. Seriously. This is t-shirt knit. You can’t hide a thing.

If AA were smart and wanted to target a wider (no pun intended) audience, they would bring back this hit from the 70s. The infinity dress. The dress has ONE seam in it.  Easy to manufacture in their little american sweatshop. Think about it…

Infinity Dress