Rooms to sew in: Part I

Ok, I’ll admit that I am a little spoiled. I have 2 sewing rooms. I sew in my office but I have another room for cutting and fitting.

This is the cutting room:

It looks like I have spent a fortune on it but really I haven’t. I have a folding cutting table (from mom), a big ironing board (free), a wall of full length mirrors (plexiglass, $100 on Craigslist). Some bulletin boards (foam board covered with striped fabric), 2 dress forms (one really old one that was free and a nice new one that was a gift from mom).

Here is a close up of the organizer on the wall:

2 sheets of foam board, and some striped corduroy. The grids are not from the container store, they are from a shelving system (they never give you enough connectors so I have tons of grids left). I hung them on the wall with picture hangers. I use s-hooks from the hardware store in various sizes to hang stuff. I also bought a $2.00 belt rack to hook on there. The basket is a drawer organizer purchased for $0.99 and mounted to the rack with mini s-hooks.

The most recent addition is the crap hider 2000. I built is this weekend to cover up my plastic storage bins (the closet is for fabric bolts and I am too cheap to pay for a shelving unit). It is a wooden frame on L-Brackets with a fabric cover. I tossed in 2 spring tension rods for extra support (don’t worry, I will put up instructions for the crap hider 2000 sometime next week).

Check out the rest of my pictures on my flickr site