Fashionably late?

It’s been a while since I checked in.  What exactly have I been doing?

  • I have been working on changing my Level IV class syllabus up.  The next session will be a 2 Saturday class rather than 4 3-hour classes.  It’s a little rough but I think that it can be done.  It will require a lot of focus but I have faith.
  • I was also busy with SXSW.  I found a little bit of time to sew but not much.  My skinny jeans are done (I will put up some photos later in the week).  I have 2 pairs of pants to finish.
  • I did some sketching.  Something very rare.  I figured that I should practice in case I do end up auditioning for Project Runway.
  • I did a lot of research this week while I was people watching at SXSW.  So many ill-fitting pants (muffin top strikes again).  I am getting tired of the shrug-ish longsleeve jackets over the long shirts.  They do nothing for me.  There were many more fashion faux pas but I chose not to photograph them.  I am trying to purge them from my memory.
  • I did some networking.  I may have a few more people to sew for. Hopefully they are as low maintenance as my existing clients.

I promise to upload some more pictures soon.