Name that product

So, I needed to come up with a name for the jeans. The original wide leg pants were “Sassy Britches”. The chef tested pants (with a whole lot of pockets) I make for Em are now “Smarty Pants”. I was thinking “Jeanious” but that name is apparently taken. So is “Injeanious”.

The last day of my level 4 class I coined the phrase, “Faux low-rise”. I was trying to describe how I lowered the front of the jean to keep the front of the jeans looking like a low-rise jean (and eliminate the weird crotch bunching that seemed to be a pattern flaw) but make sure that the back was cut high enough to prevent plumber’s crack when you bend or sit down.

Here is the demo from class (we came close to getting everything finished in four weeks. I put the waistband and beltloops this weekend). These “Jeans” were made from a modified version of McCall’s pattern 5142. The fabric is charcoal stretch twill and I used regular black thread to topstitch.
Faux Low Rise