So I’m teaching a class.

You know that curriculum for jeans that I was working on? Well it turns out that the class starts in 3 weeks. I am currently trying to stop freaking out and start focusing. I will be teaching with someone else for a bit since it is the first time I’ve taught a sewing class. But still I freak out.

Why am I freaking out? I had to write a bio for the workshop’s website. I looked at the bios for the other instructors and went through that “why was I asked to teach this class? am I even qualified to teach this class?”. Everyone else appears to have some sort of training or they own their own business.

I managed to snap out of the freaking out for most of yesterday and today. I was focused on making the best pair of black pants ever. I am using McCalls 5142. What Palmer and Pletsch are calling “the perfect jean”. I am used some black stretch twill that I had in the stash. I didn’t have any denim to sacrifice to a new pattern.

The pattern has been great. This is much more user friendly than the Vogue pattern I’ve been using for the past year. They allotted for a 1 inch seam allowance so you have room for adjustments. They also have the crotch cut a little short so you can cut it deeper if necessary. Another awesome detail is that they do flat felled seams on the inseam (because everyone knows, that is where blow outs occur) and have the outseam pressed open (because a. you can make more adjustments, b. the seams lay flatter than if you just serged the side seam and c. Em’s super expensive Seven7 jeans have the outseam pressed open).

The waistband was a little tricky for me because I like the waistband higher in the back (to avoid plumber’s crack) and lower in the front (cause I have a short torso). Hemming and attaching beltloops was cake. I finished the pants around 4 this afternoon.
More later. It’s time for bed.