How much would you pay for a good pair of pants?

I am having pricing structure issues. I know that some people would give their first born child for a pair of pants that fit like a glove and smoothed over all of the rough edges. Other people will pay a lot of money for an ill-fitting pair of pants just because of the label. Then there are the people who pay for what they are getting (low price/bad fit). There must be some sort of middle ground.

When someone comes to me in search of pants, I want to give them a great fit and some fairly priced pants. I used recycled fabrics or stuff of the clearance rack to cut down on the costs of material. In the end you are really just paying for my time. In addition to custom fitting I do believe in being honest with the customer. I am not going to let you make choices that aren’t flattering. If you have a big butt I am not going to let you have pants with flaps on the back pocket. If you have no butt I am probably going to encourage pockets. I will not let you choose fabric that will drape incorrectly over your curves. If you have short legs I will probably convince you to wear stripes to make you appear taller, etc…

Some people have told me that I should charge some outrageous amount to see if people would pay. Others say that I should charge what I’d be willing to pay (this won’t work because I started sewing because I didn’t want to pay).

So, people out there on the internet, how much would you pay?