I love shoes.
Dancing was an excuse to have even more shoes.
I stopped dancing for about 2 years or so and gave away a lot of shoes.
I started dancing again back in April and realized that the shoes I had left, just weren’t good enough. They were worn out or aggravated previous dance injuries.

I did some investigating and found that in the time I had been gone there were no new developments in the world of dance shoes. I want something that looks like a pump and feels like a sneaker (and preferably costs under $40).

Ideally I wanted wedges. They force you to lean forward and dance into the floor (if you don’t, you will fall on your ass, and potentially roll your ankle on the way down. As far as the available shoes go, they are expensive and open toed.

I even did a few searches and found that most Comfort Shoes have a cork/lightweight heel that is wedge shaped.

Unfortunately there is the problem of the open toe.

Then I found a pretty cool shoe on  They are aclosed toe wedge by Dexter.  I don’t really like the decorative thingy on the front though.  I also don’t like the fact that they are $76.

So what’s a girl to do?“  Make her own shoes.

I started out with a hand-me-down pair of Swivels
Then I took them apart (FYI, they are glued not stitched).
I traced the existing (slightly mangled from previous user) upper onto a new piece of leather.

Here’s what the process looks like…

Next step.  Find a good lining for the leather and decide on the edge finishing.